Welcome to the studio ✨

Futurekind Studio is an independent creative studio based in Austin, Texas. We value community, diversity, sustainability, and inclusion in all aspects of life, art, and design. It is only through a thoughtful, intentional, ever-evolving process of co-creation that we can design a better, kinder future for us all.

  • Size Inclusion

    The fashion industry continues to stigmatize and exclude bodies that don't "fit" within our culture's narrow definition of beauty. We believe fashion should be available to everyone, in every size, at the same price point.

  • Gender Inclusion

    Getting dressed is a creative act: every outfit we pull together balances our need for function and comfort with our desire to present our best self to the world. Wear what brings you joy.

  • Disability Inclusion

    Disabled people represent the largest minority on earth, yet we are almost entirely ignored by the fashion industry at large. Over the past decade, a very small number of designers have begun offering adaptive clothing, but accessibility remains an afterthought by mainstream brands. We want to show the world how fabulous inclusive design can be.